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Perhaps you are weary or currently standing in the ashes of your blown- up life. Maybe it is a subtle feeling of restlessness, a sadness that cannot be defined or understood. No matter how you are, where you are, or who you are; I am happy to embrace and greet you. You are truly right on time.

I had to travel deep within myself, through my own healing, to discover my gifts. I did not want my life to be shattered, but it made me available to listen, learn and grow. I had to be burned to my bones so that I could walk with others. I had to face my fears in order to compassionately look at my “bad” and to love every aspect of this unique soul vessel I embody.

I will be your guide, your friend and your champion. I’m not afraid of your dark. I’m not judgmental of the things you have done or have not done. I’m an eager participant to link arms with you, to hold the lantern as you uncover your own gifts, to show you how to compassionately love all aspects of yourself. I’m honored to be a part of your sacred journey as you free yourself from all the things that no longer serve you.

Every single one of you is a unique light of experiences, joy, sadness, love, hate, and sorrow. You each have your souls’ mission, your life’s plan, your divine path to serve God in whatever aspect you resonate with.

We must make our own inward journeys. Not follow the path of others or subscribe to one way, but rather to find our own way. To awaken within us our internal guru; our loving personal healer who knows what we need to heal, to grow, to shine, to step into our personal power and to answer our souls calling.

I’m happy to walk with you in whatever way you need.

Meet a Few of My Clients


"I had several sessions with Leasa and she is definitely a very gifted practitioner. She helped me release some emotional blocks and helped me understand some situations and challenges in my life. I highly recommend her."


"Leasa is so amazing and has helped me see the better things in life. Along with showing me the tools to better myself and find who I am spiritually!"


"Leasa is a gifted intuitive. She is a lovely human, sincere and kind. She has acute awareness and has focused her attention on personal growth. She offers this acquired wisdom along with atonement to powerful natural energies to shift blocking and obstructive energy frequencies for others very effectively."


Bonjour à tous ! Je voulais partager mon expérience avec vous au sujet de Leasa. Je suis Mia, j'habite dans le Sud de la France. Durant mon développement énergétique et spirituel j'ai cru avoir rencontré un guide voire un mentor. Néanmoins cet homme fut le mal en personne . Il a essayé de nuire à mon amie et quand je l'ai aidé pour qu'elle ne soit plus sous l'emprise de ce gourou, il s'est attaqué à moi et à nous. J'ai fais appel à Leasa pour qu'elle nettoie nos coeurs et nos maisons pour ne plus qu'il nous atteigne. La protection de Leasa fut impressionnante. Elle agit avec tout son coeur toute son âme. C'est une magnifique personne vous pouvez avoir confiance. De plus, je lui ai confié une grande mission ! La maison de la grand mère de mon mari (décédée il y a peu) ne se vend pas. Je ressentais fortement des entités qui nuisaient à la vente. J'ai demandé à Leasa de purifier les lieux. Ce fut une très grande mission car il s'agissait de fermer un portail des entités et à distance ! Elle a rempli cette mission avec excellence. Les bonnes énergies sont revenues dans cette maison. Et je suis certaine que tous les soucis seront vite résolus ! Je vous recommande Leasa fortement. Un Ange sur Terre

Hello everyone ! I wanted to share my experience with you about Leasa. I am Mia, I live in the South of France. During my energy and spiritual development I thought I met a guide or even a mentor. Nevertheless this man was evil in person. He tried to hurt my friend, and when I helped her out of the grip of this guru, he attacked me and us. I appealed to Leasa to clean our hearts and our houses so that he will not reach us. The protection of Leasa was impressive. She works with all her heart all her soul. She is a wonderful person you can trust. In addition, I gave her a great mission! The house of my husband's grandmother (who died recently) does not sell. I strongly felt entities that hurt the sale. I asked Leasa to clean up the place. It was a very big mission because it was about closing a portal of entities and remotely! She has fulfilled this mission with excellence. The good energies are back in this house. And I'm sure all the worries will be solved quickly! I highly recommend Leasa. An Angel on Earth

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