All healings are custom built around the specific needs of the client. I do a meditation and tuning in prior to our appointment. During the healing which can last for one to one-and-a-half hours, I’m directed to areas of your body to release or provide more energy to that area. When the healing portion is complete, all intuitive information, medium messages, or spirit suggestions are passed on to you. This is a time for you also to ask questions and get clarification on what has come through.


$100 for in-person healing custom healing

$60 for distance healing


I’m not much for the term “life coach” as I think it has a tendency to take you out of the driver’s seat. I like to think of this as me hanging out with you and taking a look at your life. Suggesting many different options and then allowing you to see what resonates with you. You are the expert of you. It is truly about you finding and navigating your very personal journey and trusting your inner guidance.

I have read the books, tried the meditations, followed the bandwagons, trained and learned from gurus in India, taken plant medicine from Peruvian shamans and can tell you the pitfalls and mistakes I made. I can be your support for a bit as you find your unique gifts, life purpose, or your freedom. It is not an easy journey, but I’m honored to be of service to you.


Mentorship/Spiritual Development $25 an hour

In-person, Skype, or Facetime


Attachments can be as simple as an earthbound spirit attaching itself to your energy field or an entity that has hooked in. Dark energy can take many forms and can cause disruption and chaos in your life. Feeding off of lower energy emotions and being fueled by fear.  Regardless, they can exacerbate things making them seem more extreme.  I can assist you on freeing yourself from these fear- based energies, allowing you to move freely in life. I can also assist you in developing a protection ritual that fits with your unique spiritual/religious beliefs.

In-person and distance clearing are available


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There are many reasons why energies may affect your home, business, or life. Stagnant energy replaying out scenes from the past, discarnate spirits caught in a loop and needing to be helped across the veil, land that has been depleted, or has tragic scenes still imprinted, and things of the dark that need to be transmuted.

I can clear your spaces bringing light and a loving energy to each crevice each leaf and each grain of soil. All clearings are sealed with a divine blessing.


In-person and distance clearing are available


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This hour-long session is about YOU. Prior to our appointment I will meditate and tune into you. Any intuitive information, medium messages, or spirit suggestions are passed on to you. This is also a time for you to ask questions you might have about your life and/or direction.


Intuitive guidance $50 an hour

In-person, Skype, or Facetime


Location: France

"When the inexplicable invades your soul, let the "Devil" set your sights on you by hypnotizing you .... I never thought or believed that such an event could one day happen to me, and yet .... I live in the south of France and it all started when one day, when I asked for a life coach to improve my relationship, I met Devil " … Without expecting it, this man used my weaknesses and took advantage of my doubts to hypnotise me through glances and words chosen daily to manipulate me completely and make me leave everything to be by his side ... IN 3 weeks, I almost destroyed 10 years of marriage, lost 3 children and go to my own loss ... Supported by a friend who quickly realized that my condition was absolutely not normal and who could see that I was like an undead, she contacted Leasa, the only one who could be able to save me, even if thousands of kilometers separated us ... She quickly identified the evil that was around me, all the evil entities and veil he had thrown at me. In just 48 hours, thanks to Leasa, I felt the hold release accompanied by physical ailments, such as an "exorcism" (intense heat, nausea, evil being out) and gradually, the face of this man disappeared from my mind and the lack that I felt when I was not watching his "live" or videos I missed more and very quickly, I felt like awake from a long sleep and have recovered my minds and today tries to repair the injuries that I was able to inflict on my family ... Leasa is an angel !!! She knew how to clean and put a protective barrier around me, my family and friends who helped me. So even if you think that everything is lost, Leasa will know such an angel, with all her heart and soul restore the love and serenity in your life."